Hey there! Thanks for checking out my page. I love HR and People Ops, pushing the envelope to do things better, writing, geeking out about what I love, and sharing what I think I’ve learned so far (good and bad). So, naturally, I decided a blog was the way to go! It’s a good way for me to keep myself honest and really excited about all the cool things happening in the field right now!

I ended up heading down this people-focused path quite accidentally. Turns out watching lab rats give themselves cocaine and documenting it (before having to handle the very agitated rats) just wasn’t my jam. Long story short, I ended up handling HR for a non profit, realized just how much of an impact the function can have on both a business and the everyday enjoyment of my own work life, and realized it was the right fit for me.

Since then, I joined an early stage start-up (Buildium) at about 25 people and got to be a part of scaling an amazing culture while building a function and its systems out from scratch. I learned a lot from others, a good amount on the fly and a few lessons the hard way. I’m an idealist who would love to see the majority of companies start to see People Ops as a strategic focus that helps them drive business results and create better working experiences for the average employee.

I’m on to my next gig at Placester, where I hope to apply what I’ve already learned, learn a whole lot more from a new team, and scale something pretty awesome.

Feel free to contact me at jane@jaxonhr.com – I’d love to hear from you.